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Drum funnels and washtrays

Liquid containment drums are used in every industrial environment. They hold a range of different types of liquids which are used in the production of products and in the maintenance of different machines.

Stopping spills from drums is a requirement for every industrial site. The correct storage of hazardous liquids is really important to stop spills and to stop the liquid contaminating the surrounding environment.

To facilitate the safe dispensing of these liquids from drums and to stop spills when filling these drums with used liquids, drum funnels are essential.

Drum funnels and drum funnel lids

Drum funnels make sure that no liquid is spilled in the surrounding area. Plastic drum funnels are available that fit over the top of the drum completely. Because the funnel top has a large surface area it makes the pouring of liquids into the drum really easy. Drum funnel lids are also available which fit over the funnel when the funnel is not in use.

Drum washtrays

A useful addition to any drum storage area is a drum washtray. The drum washtray fits on the top of the drum and can then be used for a variety of different applications including the washing of machine components.

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