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Drum funnels and storing drums

One of the most common liquid containers found at an industrial site is a standard 205 litre drum. These types of drums hold a variety of liquids and hence need to be stored correctly in case any liquid should be spilled.

It’s important that the liquid stored in drums is not spilled, and to do this the drum should be stored appropriately. To facilitate this there are a range of drum storage solutions available from spill control specialists to stop liquid contaminating the surrounding area.

To stop liquid being spilled when being dispensed from a drum or to stop liquid being spilled when filling a drum, there are a range of products available.

Drum funnels

A drum funnel can be used when filling a drum to make sure the liquid is not spilled. Some of the latest drum funnels completely cover the top of a drum and have a large area where liquid can be poured before it enters the drum. Drum funnel lids are also available, which can fit over a drum and stop contaminants entering the drum when it is not being filled.

To provide extra working space, you can now get drum wash trays which fit onto a drum and provide a space where you can clean or maintain mechanical parts.

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