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Drip trays for industrial use

One of the simplest forms of spill containment and capture devices is a drip tray. A drip tray can efficiently catch drips or leaks from any type of machinery and can so keep the surrounding area clean and safe for employees.

Some drip trays are especially manufactured for the specific purpose of catching drips and leaks. And others are manufactured so fluid storage cans or small drums can be placed on them. This means the area under the storage cans will not be contaminated as any spilled fluid will be collected.

Spill and drip trays can be bought in a huge range of sizes and in different materials. Some of the types available include:

• Polyethylene drip trays – up to 230 litre capacities

• Steel drip trays – up to 60 litres in capacity

• Polyethylene drum trays

Polyethylene drip trays are light in weight, so are extremely easy to handle and can be moved easily to different locations. And any of the above spill trays can be used in conjunction with absorbent pads, making the cleaning and use of the tray even easier.

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