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Drip trays for industrial use

One of the oldest and perhaps best methods to catch drips from machinery is to use a drip tray. Drip trays are the perfect devices to use to catch drips. And they are also the perfect way to keep your workplace clean of contaminants and hence hazard free.

A drip tray is perhaps the simplest form of spill containment device, but its use in a wide range of applications means that it is perhaps the best. Polyethylene drip traps can be bought in a huge array of sizes and are hence light in weight so are easy to move between applications. Polyethylene is resistant to most industrial liquids, including chemicals, and the trays can have a liquid capacity of anything up to 230 litres.

Liquid spill trays

Drip trays don’t have to be used underneath leaky manufacturing equipment. There versatility means you can also use them in a workshop or when you are carrying out maintenance on a piece of equipment. If you store your liquid consumables in the tray in between use, the chances of spills are reduced.

Drip trays can also be used with absorbent pads making an all-in-one spill solution. The pads can be changed as and when necessary, saving time and effort for the user and hence making any clean-up operation a lot easier.

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