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Don’t let sub zero temperatures result in an accident

Unfortunately, it appears as though we are in for a very cold, long winter, and most parts of the UK have already had the misfortune of having to try and battle through these treacherous conditions.

When snow and ice strike, commuting to the workplace can be an extremely hazardous task, and if you work in an outdoor environment, these hazards can be present throughout the duration of the working day.

By law, you are required to ensure that your employees are provided with a safe environment in which to work. However, snow and ice can compromise safety, and for this reason you need to ensure that your workplace has more than enough bags of grit to deal with whatever the weather throws at you.

As well as being highly effective, bags of grit can be picked up very affordably, and grit can be laid quickly- i.e. before a mishap has the opportunity to strike.

In addition to being highly effective at eliminating existing ice and snow, grit also comes in handy when weather reports warn you of impending snow or ice. Prevention is always preferable to cure.

Ensuring that your workplace is more than equipped to deal with the weather will help to make winter safer and much more bearable.

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