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Don’t let hazardous spilled liquid enter the drainage system

If you have a spill at your industrial site, you will not just have to contain and clean the spilled area, you will need to make sure the spilled liquid does not find its way into the waste water system where it could be a hazard to the environment.

To stop spilled liquids making their way into grids, gulleys and drains, there are a range of different drain covers available.

Plug Rug

A Plug Rug is a drain cover that can be moulded to the dimensions and shape of the drain. It’s a water tight versatile solution that is available in a range of sizes creating an instant seal, resistant to many chemicals and fuel and oils spills.

Neoprene drain covers

Neoprene drain covers are a cost effective way to stop spilled liquid entering the drainage system. The cover can be used on a variety of surfaces and because it is made out of neoprene it can be used many times.

Polyurethane drain covers

Polyurethane drain covers can stop hazardous spilled liquid entering the drainage system easily. Being slightly sticky they can effectively seal the drain and can be used many times over after they have been washed.

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