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Does your site have an adequate rock salt supply for the winter?

As you may have noticed at the end of November, weather conditions are starting to go the same way as last year in terms of unprecedented levels of ice, sleet and snow.

This winter’s freezing temperatures are virtually guaranteed to create operational problems for most businesses, especially firms dealing with hazardous materials or those where health and safety issues are paramount.

With these issues in mind, it is crucial that site managers take steps to prepare for the upcoming winter weather. As shown by last year’s weather - predicted by the Met Office as a “barbecue” winter - you never can tell how severe conditions will become. This is why precautionary measures taken now are so important, no matter how unnecessary they may seem at the time.

With this in mind, one of the best things you can do to prepare for winter is to start looking for reliable rock salt suppliers, and make sure to get more bags of grit than you think you will need. This will ensure that your site can remain both functional and safe in practically any weather conditions we may experience this winter.

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