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Does your event have motor sport spill kits in place?

According to the brand new Motor Sports Association (MSA) regulations for 2011 (which came into effect on January 1st), the organisers of certain types of events must ensure that they have motor sport spill kits in place.

In addition to having large MSA approved spill kits in paddock areas, the competitors themselves will have to carry a smaller, 1.25 litre spill capacity kit. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure that these kits are in place and that they are complying with MSA regulations.

John Symes, who is the MSA’s Technical Director, has stated:

“As the governing body, the MSA has a duty to ensure that UK motor sport takes its environmental responsibility extremely seriously. Spill Kits are an essential part of fulfilling that responsibility and the MSA is making a substantial investment in these kits to ensure that everyone is able to implement best practice throughout the sport."

Your MSA spill kit

In order to meet the MSA’s approval, your motor sport spill kit should contain absorbent pads and granules, nitrile gloves and disposal bags. It should be capable of dealing with spills involving:

• Hydraulic oils

• Automotive fluids

• Grease

• Coolant additives

• Gasoline

• Lubricating oil

You can also choose to store your spill kit and secure it within the motor vehicle using a compact carry bag, although this is optional.

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