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Disinfectant mats

Disinfectant mats are commonly used at many industrial and agricultural sites to make sure the soles of a person’s feet are disinfected before entering a quarantined area. They work by having a disinfectant fluid in the mat which is applied this to the soles when a person walks across the mat.

Being easy to transport between areas on site or between venues makes disinfectant mats an excellent idea at auction houses or when administering animal foot care products. There is also no need to dig a pit to sink the mat as the mat simply fits over a flat surface and the disinfectant material is contained within the mat.

There are many different sizes of disinfectant mats available, which can contain different volumes of liquid. Large mats can hold around 50 litres of disinfectant and can be held to the ground by ropes or pegs.

Disinfectant mats can be used many times before they need to be replaced and the durable material used on the mat surface can take a great deal of wear and tear.

There are also bespoke disinfectant mats which have been manufactured in varying lengths, so car or truck tyres can be disinfected when they are driven over the mat.

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