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Different types of spill kits

There are a wide range of different types of spill kits available for use, they can however be categorised making the selection process easier for the potential buyer.

Oil Spill kits

These spill kits have been specially designed to soak up and clean oil spills and fuel spills. Most of these types of kits also repel water, making the oil the only substance collected. This means they are the perfect kit to use to collect oil from the surface of a water course, a lake or even the sea.

General purpose spill kits

A general purpose spill kit is a versatile spill kit that is capable of dealing with most types of general spills. They are the ideal kit to keep in the workshop or on the shop floor and contain everything you will need to cope with a spill at your site.

Chemical spill kits

Designed to cope specifically with spills of a chemical nature, chemical spill kits can absorb and contain aggressive chemical spills. Some of the things included in a chemical spill kit are PPE, a disposal bag and appropriate absorbent materials.

Emergency spill kits

If a spill kit doesn’t fall within one of the above three categories you will most likely find it in the emergency spill kit category. Emergency spill kits are specialist kits that can be bought to deal with body fluid spills, acid spills, alkali spills or even mercury spills

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