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Different types of liquid storage containers

There are a number of different ways that liquid can be stored at an industrial site. Below are a types of storage containers.

Liquid storage at industrial sites

Intermediate bulk containers have become the common method of storing liquids at industrial sites today. Intermediate bulk container or IBCs can effectively store large volumes of liquids such as solvents, food liquids and chemicals. Their design means the containers can be stored easily and being encased in a steel mesh frame they are protected somewhat from damage by external forces.

Drum storage

Drums are a classic way of storing liquid solutions such as oil. Classically drums are made from steel and are used for storing hazardous liquids, oils and foodstuffs. The standard steel drum size is 205 litres. New drums are now available in plastic in a range of different sizes from 30 litres to 220 litres. They are manufactured from heavy duty polyethylene and feature a removable lid with locking mechanism. They are now used widely for the transportation of all liquid solutions.

Bunded storage tanks

Bunded tanks are a large liquid storage solution which have a double skin, so if the inner bund fails the liquid is released into the outer bund and hence will not contaminate the surrounding area. They are perfect for storing fuel oil on industrial sites and if purchased from a reputable dealer meet the current oil storage regulations.

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