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Different types of drip trays

When using heavy machinery, there will be some form of lubrication that is needed for the machine to operate properly. And in some cases this lubricant may leak.

Mobile generators are notoriously dirty devices to use and often leak oil or fuel products. Because of this a drip tray should be used whenever possible with this type of equipment to catch fluid drips and protect the area where the generator is being used. There are a number of different types of drip trays available including:

Steel drip trays

Steel drip trays are perfect to use in any manufacturing environment and can be purchased in sizes that can hold 20 litres of liquid volume to 60 litres of liquid volume. Steel drip trays are perfect to use when handling solutions that may drip when used, so act as a secondary containment device for cans or bottles of hazardous fluids.

Polyethylene drip trays

Polyethylene drip trays are a lightweight spill containment solution. They are available in a range of different sizes and volume capacities and can be used in conjunction with spill absorbent pads so leaks can quickly be contained. Because polyethylene is resistant to a host of hazardous liquids and chemicals, polyethylene drip trays are perfect to use in a range of different industrial applications.

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