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Different materials handling equipment

If you have deliveries of large items at your industrial site, you need to have the right equipment available so you can move these deliveries to their designated locations.

Drums of oil and heavily loaded pallets can be extremely heavy and awkward to handle. Below is a list of materials handling equipment that every large factory should own.

Sack trucks

Sack trucks are perhaps the most common type of materials handing equipment found at industrial sites. There ease of use, combined with the efficient way they can be adapted to carry heavy loads makes them a great choice. Some sack trucks are fitted with combination wheels on the corners so they can be pulled up and down stairs.

Hand pallet truck

Hand pallet trucks are really useful at moving heavily loaded pallets at an industrial site. Because the pump lift truck uses hydraulics, lifting heavy loads is made easy. The load can then be pulled or pushed using the handle. Some pallet pump trucks have a high level lift, so items can be lifted in excess of 80cm making deliveries and loading of racking even easier.

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