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Diesel spill on A127 causes disruption

A recent crash on the A127 in Basildon resulted in firefighters using fuel spill absorbent pads so the road could be reopened.

The crash occurred on the 7th of May, when a truck was involved in an incident which resulted in it spilling diesel across the London bound carriageway. The truck, owned by a local tree surgeon, actually ended up on its side after the incident with a Ford Fiesta.

The accident happened at the Nevendon exit and caused major delays in the area after police closed the road completely while firefighters and paramedics attended the scene.

When it was established that all the motorists involved were ok, firefighters used spill control equipment from their engine to mop up the diesel spill.

The vehicles were removed and the road was deemed to be safe and reopened after around one hour.

Firefighters now have a host of spill control and cleanup equipment at their disposal to cope with spills such as the one above and more hazardous spills including those that are chemical in nature.

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