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Diesel spill in River Tawd

A diesel spill in the River Tawd is being investigated by the Environment Agency. It was initially noticed by passersby who were crossing a bridge near Skelmersdale police station. The agency were contacted and sent an inspecting officer to gather samples.

The Environment Agency quickly deduced that the spill was diesel and went about making provisions to contain the spill and find the source of the problem.

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency, speaking in the Ormskirk and Skelmersdale advertiser stated:

“The source of the pollution has been identified and we have been working to gather evidence, and assess the environmental impact of the spill.

“Once our investigation is complete we will decide what, if any, enforcement action to take.”

Passerby Rob Dobson noticed the spill, he stated in the same publication:

“It looked like it just had oil on the water. It was different colours. It looked like quite a lot. All the water had been contaminated. It was not just one little speck.”

The Environment Agency has confirmed that he source had come from Skelmersdale but have not given any further details as yet.

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