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Diesel spill causes M25 chaos

An accident on the M25 caused 19 mile tailbacks and up to three hour delays yesterday.

Spilled diesel from a HGV caused misery for travellers in the Surrey and Kent regions after the motorway was closed at junction eight for nearly twelve hours. Due to the severity of the spill, the road needed to be resurfaced.

The carriageway was eventually reopened at around 15:00, but not before queues tailing back for nearly 19 miles caused traffic chaos in the region.

Surrounding roads were also affected by the fuel spill, with the M23 and M26 taking much of the brunt.

The accident happened when the HGV hit a barrier which resulted in its fuel tank rupturing.

A spokesperson for the Highways Agency commented:

"The lorry spilled fuel on the central carriageway. There was an extensive spillage.

"We are doing all we can to clear this up as quickly as possible. The junction is unlikely to be fully operational before 3pm and we are advising road users to avoid the area if possible.

"We have alerted Gatwick about the problem as well as the port of Dover and also Eurotunnel at Folkestone.

"We are using message signs to alert drivers about the incident."

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