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Delays in Belfast oil spill clean-up angers residents

Residents of Tullyard Way in Belfast where a recent oil spill took place have complained to authorities about the delay in cleaning it up, saying the odours and fumes are unbearable.

The leak was first reported to environmental health after residents complained of a heavy diesel smell rising from pipes.

An oil spill control team has been attempting to address the situation for around 11 days, but none of their efforts have worked. After identifying the leak as home heating oil, they have tried to disperse it with chemicals but to no avail.

Residents in the area are furious that more hasn’t been done to clean up the spill and get rid of the fumes that rise out of the pipes, sinks and toilets in their homes. They complain that the fumes are over-powering and an irritant, leaving them no choice but to leave windows open despite the freezing conditions.

One resident, William Moore, said:

“This is affecting so many people and it’s a real emergency. My neighbours next door are two pensioners and they can’t keep their window open too much because of the cold.

“The fumes hit you in the back of the throat and my eyes haven’t stopped watering. We have been told the fumes aren’t toxic but that they are an irritant.”

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