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Degreasing equipment and solutions

Spill kits are extremely effective at dealing with a spill on an industrial site. Whether the spill was chemical based or simply oil based, there is a type of spoil kit that can be used to contain the spill and clean it up. There are however some instances when the floor where the spill happened needs further attention so employees do not slip on the surface. And in instances like this you may need to clean the floor using a degreasing product.

Types of degreasing agents include:

Oil degreaser

This solution cleans oil spills and fuel spill from any surface type. It is water based and because it contains a bioremediation component it can be discharged to an oil/water separator with no ill effects.

Oil degreaser for tarmac, asphalt or concrete

If you have had a spill on a tarmac or concrete surface, you may need to use a specialist tarmac degreaser so the oil or fuel deposit can be removed.

Heavy duty oil degreaser

Heavy duty oil degreasers can clean surfaces that have been contaminated by fuel oil or chemical spills and because the solution is solvent based it can quickly cut through resistant stains easily.

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