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Deepwater drilling and spill disaster procedures

With BP still feeling the effects of the Deepwater horizon oil rig disaster, questions are starting to be asked to what levels the oil companies will go to find the last remaining oil reserves.

High oil prices have meant that deepwater drilling is no longer price prohibitive and there are a number of deepwater sites currently in operation across the globe, seven of which came online in the Gulf of Mexico in 2008, making 31 rigs in total in the area drilling for oil. The increase in numbers of these rigs can be seen easily if compared to just the three rigs that operated in the area in 1992.

Advances in technology has made deepwater drilling a lot easier and wells at a depth of 500m below the surface, ultra-deepwater wells, are becoming more common.

US President Barak Obama remains steadfast however in that the right lessons need to be learned from the disaster and is going to look at other sources of fuel.

Until this happens, it’s important for oil companies to have the right disaster protection procedures in place, including the right spill containment and spill clean-up systems and equipment.

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