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De-icing equipment is essential at this time of year

At sites where potentially hazardous or toxic material is stored or handled, safety precautions are always necessary, all year round. However, even if your site is fully prepared with emergency spill kits, safety signs and personal protective equipment, you are likely to encounter new challenges when winter comes around.

The winter season is already upon us, bringing freezing temperatures, ice and snow. This can play havoc with health and safety at your site, so to protect employees and equipment, extra site maintenance measures may be needed.

Luckily, after dangerous weather last year, the country and its environmental control product suppliers are more prepared than in previous years. This means you have access to a wider range of de-icing equipment, and it is strongly recommended that you take advantage of this.

Bearing in mind the dangers and hazards of last year’s winter, you should be thinking of equipping your site one or more of the following:

• A healthy supply of rock salt or other gritting material

• Industrial salt spreaders or grit bins

• Frost blankets (mainly used in construction industries for protecting concrete)

• Snow shovels (always a handy tool in an emergency)

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