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Dangerous substance symbols

It’s common for an industrial site to have a variety of dangerous liquids on site, which they use as part of their production processes. However, it’s not common for all members of staff to be trained in the use of these products and some employees may not even know these products are on site at all.

All dangerous materials, whether liquid or solid should be marked accordingly, so that anyone using the materials can see they are hazardous. These products might contain an internationally recognised danger symbol or a European danger symbol.

Danger symbols are easy to find on hazardous products, you will most likely see them every day on household items such as bleach and other cleaning products.

Many hazardous substances which are supplied to factories will be supplied with a safety data sheet. If the products you have ordered don’t come with a safety sheet, you should ask your suppliers for one. If you look at part 15 on the safety data sheet it will tell you what the dangers are and part 4 to part 8 will tell you how best to store the product.

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