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Covering drains after a spill

If hazardous liquid is spilled at an industrial site, one of the first things which must be done is to make sure that the liquid does not enter the general waste water network. And to do this the liquid should be stopped from entering the drainage system.

Drain protection devices include emergency drain covers, which can be deployed at a moment’s notice. The three most common of these devoices include mouldable clay ‘plug rugs’, reusable neoprene and reusable polyurethane devices.


Mouldable clay plug-rugs are the ideal way to stop hazardous spilled liquid entering the drainage system. The plug-rugs are fully mouldable and give an efficient water tight seal over old or uneven drain covers. Plug-rugs are resilient to chemicals, oils and are easy to use, making them an excellent drain covering device. They are available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

Neoprene drain covers

Neoprene drain covers are a cost-effective way to cover a drain. They can be used more than once and are resistant to water, oil and most chemicals. This type of drain cover can be used over smooth and rough surfaces.

Polyurethane drain covers

Polyurethane drain covers provide a ‘sticky’ seal over a drain for extra protection from spilled liquids. The cover can be used many times after washing and when available in a high visibility yellow colour can be located easily after a spill has been cleaned up.

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