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Cost-effective spill granules

If you use fuel oils and lubricants at your industrial site, you will be aware of the hazards concerning the safe keeping of these liquids. You may even have a specialist spill containment policy in place and have trained a number of your staff regarding what to do in case of a spill.

If you have spill control equipment on site, you may be familiar with the common types of equipment such as absorbent mats, absorbent pads and absorbent pillows. These are excellent methods to use to control and clean any spill and are perfect to have in stock in case of a spill. However, if you want a type of spill absorbent that you can use in exact quantities to soak up the relevant amount of spilled liquid, you should look no further than absorbent granules.

Absorbent granules

The best thing about using absorbent granules is that they can be deployed in the exact amount to cope with the spill. This means there is no wastage of the spill control product and hence the product is extremely cost-effective. Spill absorbent granules are fire retardant and manufactured from recycled materials, they can be used to soak up water, fuel and oil based spills.

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