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Controlling spills using absorbent granules

In industry, large rotating machines are used frequently for the manufacture of many of the products we use on a daily basis. And, where there is rotating machinery, there has to be some form of lubrication, such as oil, to keep the machines running smoothly.

Spill control solutions for leaky machines

Many industrial processes use machines which can be decades old, and as such they are usually not in the best state of repair. In some instances they may even leak the lubrication solution which they need to work. While it is the responsibility of the company that uses these machines to make sure they are in a good state of repair it is sometimes impossible to stop the occasional leak of the lubrication material such as oil. And when this happens, steps need to be taken to control the spill and to use an appropriate medium for its clean-up.

Spill absorbent granules

Industrial spill absorbent granules are the perfect solution to clean up irregular spills from machinery such as this. The material can be used indoors to soak up the spilled lubricant, and because it is in granular form, you only need use an appropriate amount for the size of spill you have. This can be really cost-effective, as only the amount that is needed is used.

Industrial spill control absorbent granules are the perfect absorbent material to use to clean up spills of water, fuel and oil.

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