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Control and prevention with spill clean-up kits

Spill prevention and control is a vital part of safety and health at work. Liquids are the main sources of various accidents and injuries, both at home and at work. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you have the right understanding and the proper equipment to deal with any leakage or spillage as soon as it happens.

You will find that attempting to clean up the spillage with paper towels or other general-use absorbents is ineffective and a futile endeavour. There are numerous liquids that can prove to be dangerous if not dealt or lifted in the correct manner.

If oil is spilled on the floor, it can make the surface slippery. It is no surprise that oil is widely used as a lubricant in engines and machines, because it offers an extremely slippery surface. If an oil spill is not mopped up quickly and completely, it can cause a serious accident.

Staining is another problem caused by oil spills. If you fail to clean up oil spills, they can cause permanent stains on flooring or in the fibres of carpets.

Effective spill cleanup can be easily achieved by having the right spill equipment on site. Spill kits, absorbents and spill containment pallets are great tools for effective cleanup. They include everything you require, making sure your premises remains clean, safe and hazard-free.

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