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Containment booms used in Aberdeen harbour after spill

A fuel oil spill in the harbour of Aberdeen warranted a full scale spill containment and clean up exercise last week.

The spill in Aberdeen harbour occurred when 1500 litres of fuel oil spilled from a Norwegian cargo ship when she was refuelling in the Torry Dock. The spill occurred due to a leaking fuel tank.

Spill containment booms were placed around the vessel while the oil was skimmed from the surface of the water. Around 500 litres was removed by Shell that evening and the remaining oil was removed over the following days.

A Shell spokesperson stated:

"A quantity of fuel oil spilled from the Skandi Foula vessel when the vessel was refuelling in Torry dock. The source of the leak is believed to be in the vicinity of the fuel tanks. The fuel has been transferred to other tanks on the vessel and the leak has now stopped.

"The affected area has been protected by booms while a clean up operation is underway."

The spill containment booms prevented the oil from contaminating the rest of the harbour; because of this no fuel oil entered the River Dee.

Ship movement in Aberdeen docks was suspended while the spill collection exercise was in progress and the relevant authorities were informed.

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