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Considerations to make when choosing spill kits

Selecting spill kits can seem like a confusing task. Listed below are a few simple and practical considerations to keep in mind when you are choosing spill kits.

1. The liquids you will be absorbing: Firstly, you need to determine the nature of the liquids that you are using. If you choose a spill kit with absorbents for both water and oil based spills, you could be making a mistake as some spillages may not be compatible with the absorbents.

2. The volume of the spillage: You need to determine the volume of liquid that is likely to be spilled in the worst case scenario. This means you should determine the size of the largest drum that is used in your workplace. Check the capacity of this container and multiply it by the number of drums or containers in your workplace.

3. The ease of transfer: Depending on the size of the spill kit, you may have different ways to move it. If you have small spill kits, you can generally carry them, although bigger spill kits may require wheels to transport them.

4. Personal protective equipment: You need to determine whether you or your workers will come into direct contact with hazardous materials and order spill kits with PPE if necessary.

Keep these considerations in mind when you choosing spill kits, and choose the best type for your organisation.

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