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Collect spills from generators using a plant nappy

Many industrial sites and building contactors use generators on a daily basis. They do this because there is often not an electrical supply in an area where power for tools or lighting is needed.

Generators however have a reputation for being not the ‘cleanest’ type of industrial equipment and because they use fuel to power them and oil to lubricate moving parts, fluids can leak quite easily.

With regulations now extremely strict on the release of these types of fluid into the environment, it’s always advisable to use a drip tray to collect any leaks or spills before they pollute the soil. However, a drip tray can fill quickly with rain water if the generator is used outside so a better solution is needed.

A plant nappy is a great spill collection device to use under a generator. Instead of rain water collecting in the nappy, it is filtered through the nappy, with the nappy collecting pollutants such as oil and fuel. A plant nappy can also be fitted with a replaceable nappy liner that can be changed when necessary.

A plant nappy is a great solution for catching leaks from generators and should always be used when using a generator outdoors.

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