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Clear oil easily with the help of oil absorbent socks

If you face regular oil spills in your work place then you need to make sure that you have an oil spill kit at the ready. Spill kits have several components which can help to clean oil safely from the ground. One of the most of important components in a spill kit is the absorbents which help to absorb oil from the ground or water.

Absorbent socks are the preferred choice of many people. Generally, they are placed around the base of the machinery which leaks oil.

The role played by oil absorbent socks in spill kits

Due to advances in technology, absorbent socks are made from advanced materials. They have a spun bonded fabric and a cellulose viscose which helps to soak the liquid up. One of the best things about absorbent socks is that they can also be used in confined places. Here are some of the benefits of oil absorbent socks:

• Quickly absorbs oil and other solvents.

• There are multiple bonded layers in them which enhance the strength of the socks.

• Oil absorbent socks are available in different sizes which mean that they can be easily fitted in any kind of machines.

• The latest absorbent socks can easily absorb up to 3 litres of fluid.

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