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Cleaning and degreasing after a spill

Every industrial site needs to be adequately equipped with the right cleaning equipment. Keeping your working area clean and tidy will not only mean that you can concentrate on the job you have to do, it will also make the area free from potential trip or spill hazards.

Cleaning equipment at an industrial site will vary from simple sweeping brushes to industrial degreasing floor cleaners, and every industrial site should have a range of equipment at hand so employees can keep their work area tidy.

It’s not just the responsibly of the cleaners on site to pick up dirty rags or notice and clean spills, it’s the duty of every employee to make sure that if they notice a problem, they report it and deal with it.

If you have had a spill or a leak that has been cleaned up using a spill kit, you may still need to remove the residue from the floor surface. If you use an industrial degreaser on the area in question, you can remove the potential slip and trip hazard by making the area clean and also reduce staining of the area.

Some degreasers can be bought for a specific application such as removing oil or tar whereas others are more general purpose in application.

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