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Clean up spills with absorbent pillows

In most spill kits, you will find a range of absorbents, which include absorbent pads, mats and pillows. Out of them all, absorbent pillows play an extremely important role in absorbing many types of fluids. These pillows are small in size which means that they can easily be used in confined spaces, in addition to absorbing a substantial amount of fluid which is on the ground or water.

Like many absorbents, these pillows are also categorised into main three types, which are: universal, oil only and hazmat.

Universal pillows – With the help of universal pillows, you can easily absorb all types of fluids. This includes oil, water and a range of other chemicals.

Oil Only pillows – If you regularly have to deal with oil spills, then these pillows are perfect. These absorbents are mainly used in places such as waste troughs, sump wells, coolant tanks and fluid reservoirs. One of the best things about these pillows is that they repel oil, which means they can also absorb oil in water.

Hazmat absorbent pillows – These pillows are perfect for hazardous chemicals, and can help you to clean up aggressive fluids including caustic soda, sulphuric acid and hydrochloric acid.

If you are planning on buying a spill kit for your company then you should definitely consider absorbent pillows.

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