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Clean up spills quickly and safely with absorbent socks

In most spill kits you will find absorbents such as pillows, pads, drums and socks, which help you to clean up spillages quickly. Out of them all, absorbent socks are preferred by many people as they are convenient to use. In addition to this, you can also use them at the base of machines to catch any future leaks.

Absorbent socks are available in various different types, which are specifically made for different kind of liquids. The three main types are:

• General absorbent socks- which can be used on most liquids.

• Only oil absorbent socks- for oil based fluids.

• For oil, water and aggressive fluids, you can use hazmat absorbent socks.

There are also corn cob universal absorbent socks which can be used for both water and oil based liquids.

Each type has their own features, which means that you can get the best type of socks for the kind of spill that you will be cleaning. One of the best things about absorbent socks is that they can also be used in confined places, where other absorbents can’t reach.

Absorbent socks are a great investment, as they help to prevent injuries and make the working environment a lot safer.

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