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Clean up oil spills with absorbent pads and booms

Spill absorbents are the best solution to oil spill problems, and the first thing you should think of in a crisis. Just like you have cotton balls and plasters in your first aid kit, spill absorbents are a quick fix for oil spills. They are precious safety tools that can save you from paying damages and fines.

Spill absorbents are generally made from fibres to contain and absorb oil spills. There are two types available nowadays – oil spill absorbent pads and oil spill absorbent booms. Both of these complement each other, so it is recommended to consider getting both. Once the spill absorbent boom is used to contain the spill, the pads will then make it easy and quick to clean it up. Both of these tools are indispensable in addressing large oil spill accidents.

Spill absorbent booms

Again using the comparison with a first aid kit, spill absorbent booms work similarly to plasters. They have both absorbent and containing qualities, and are mainly used as tools for restricting the spread of oil spills, therefore limiting damage. They are made from a section of single booms in diameters ranging from 5in to 8in and lengths of 10-20 feet.

Spill absorbent pads

These pads help to absorb the oil upon contact. The absorbency of spill absorbent pads makes them a great choice for the cleanup of oil spills. They also come in many different types and sizes.

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