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Clean up oil spills with absorbent booms

After an oil spill has occurred, the priority is to absorb the oil as fast and safely as possible. For this, there are various types of containment management systems you can use to keep oil spills at a minimum. Spill containment pallets, absorbent socks, spill kits and oil containment booms are some of the most effective products to absorb oil effectively.

Oil absorbent booms comprise of a strong mesh outer sleeve. It has a poly sock skin that is encased within it and filled with polypropylene. When saturated with oil, the booms will continue to float, and not be affected by the weight of the collected oil. The durability of absorbent socks is ensured with a nylon rope and trouble-free retrieval.

The absorbent booms can be easily connected together by clips and a carbon steel connector. This helps keeping spills to a local area. A chemical spill kit will contain a similar style absorbent boom for managing spills. These absorbent booms are constructed with a strong exterior polypropylene mesh. Nylon rope and steel hardware ensures easy retrieval with extreme durability.

Absorbent socks and absorbent booms can be used on land for controlling spills that are in large volume. They are highly effective when it comes to water based fluids. Absorbent socks are also effective in absorbing oil, diesel, hydraulic fluids, coolants, acetone, vegetable oil, turpentine, MEL, trichloroethylene, hexane and many more. So, if you want spill kits to clean up oil and other types of spills effectively, absorbent booms, socks and rolls provide the perfect solution.

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