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Clean large sized oil spills with absorbent booms

If you work somewhere where you sometimes need to clean up a lot of oil or other types of liquid then make sure that you have a spill kit at your workplace. This is because spill kits help in cleaning various types of liquids and fluids easily and safely. One of the most important components in a spill kit is an absorbent which helps in absorbing liquids from the floor or water.

You will find different kinds of absorbents such as absorbent pads, rolls, pillows, booms, socks and others. Many people are opting for absorbent booms as they help in cleaning large sizes spills easily.

Know more about absorbent booms

For cleaning large sized spills, several absorbent booms are connected together. They are linked with the help of clips or a hardware connector which is generally made from carbon steel. In some cases, they are also linked with the help of nylon rope. These absorbents are designed in such a way that they can not only be used on the floor but can also be used in water.

Absorbent booms repel water, which means that they help clean oil from water while floating on the surface. Usually, these absorbents are white in colour which helps you to know whether the boom needs to be replaced or not. Based on your requirements and the spills that you deal with, you can choose a suitable spill kit.

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