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Choosing the right drip tray

It’s practically impossible to stop a machine leaking its lubricant for the entirety of its lifespan. As machines get old the seams between joints start to fail and seals and gaskets start to break down. When this happens the machine must be overhauled, but it is not always the case that this can happen as soon as a drip or leak is noticed.

If a machine has developed a small drip or leak of a lubricating substance such as oil, it’s often the case that a drip tray will be placed under the machine to catch any drips or leaks so they do not affect the surrounding environment.

Drip trays are also used in situations when the machine lubricant needs to topped up and the technician wants to make sure that if any of the lubricant is spilt, it is captured by the drip tray.

Drip trays are available in a range of different sizes which can catch anything between around eight litres of liquid to those that can catch anywhere up to 230 litres of liquid. You just need to choose an appropriate type of tray for your specific application.

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