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Choosing the right absorbents

Having written processes on what to do if you have a spill at your industrial site is really important. Every member of staff should be briefed regarding the safe collection and clean up of spilled liquids and an accident emergency plan be formulated if the spill is of a large magnitude.

Many industrial sites now actually train a number of staff in spill control and clean-up methods so there is always somebody on site who knows what to do should a spill occur. They will know where absorbent materials are kept and how to use them to contain and clean up the spilled liquid.

Some of the materials used to clean up spilled liquids include absorbent pillows, absorbent socks, absorbent pads and absorbent granules. All these spill clean up absorbents can be used to great effect on a variety of liquid spills. However, if you want to make sure you only use an exact quantity of absorbent products you need to use absorbent granules.

Absorbent granules can be deployed in the exact quantity needed to soak up a spill. This makes them extremely cost-effective as there is normally no waste generated. Absorbent granules come in types that can soak up oil spills, fuel oil spills and even spills of water based products.

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