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Choosing general purpose spill kits

There are many types of spill kits available for use in a wide range of applications. However, perhaps the most widely used type of spill kits are general purpose spill kits. General purpose spill kits are a good all-purpose type of spill kit which is great to keep at the ready should a spill of an unknown liquid occur.

General purpose spill kits contain things such as absorbent socks, pillows and mats. The absorbents contained within these types of spill kits are suitable for soaking up spills of non-aggressive and non-hazardous liquids. The kit usually contains things such as PPE to protect the wearer from coming into contact with the liquid and also a plastic bag so the used absorbents can be collected and disposed of properly.

General purpose spill kits come in a variety of forms, with each providing a different spill solution. For example, there are bucket spill kits, holdall spill kits, tradesman spill kits and carry bag spill kits available. Each kit contains a variety of absorbents and can be really useful in an emergency.

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