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Chemical spill neutralization powders

If a chemical liquid is spilled at your industrial site, you will need to make sure that the clean-up procedure is carried out properly and all the chemical is removed.

There is a range of chemical and acid neutralizing agents that you can keep at the ready in case of a chemical spill, some of these are described below.

Acid neutralizer

Acid neutralizing powder will effective eliminate any acid spill. The reaction caused by the neutralizing powder will also make the residue environmentally safe, so it can be disposed of easily. Some of the better acid neutralizing powders will change colour when all the acid spill has been neutralized, meaning that you can easily tell when the neutralization is complete.

Bleach neutralizer

Bleach neutralizer works in a similar way to acid neutralizer, but instead deals with spills of solutions that contain hazardous bleach products. The better bleach neutralization powders contains a colour indicator system and the residue is totally environmentally benign when neutralization is complete.

Alkali neutralizer

Alkali neutralizer is needed after a spill of an alkali substance. The powder quickly renders the alkali safe to handle so the residue can be cleaned up and the area used once again.

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