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Chemical spill at Seaforth docks

A chemical leak from a container at Seaforth docks saw 20 workers admitted to hospital after breathing in the fumes.

The incident occurred last Monday at the docks site after a container was being unloaded from a ship. The chemical substance spilled was believed to be Pyridine.

Specialist spill crews who were based on site at the docks immediately attended the spill and removed the tank to a designated isolation area. However, the 20 workers had already breathed the noxious fumes.

Workers complained of feeling nauseous and being sick so were taken to hospital as a precaution by three ambulances which were called to the scene,

Medics at Fazakerley Hospital were warned in advance that e spill had occurred so were waiting for the casualties to arrive. An onlooker reported what they saw to the Liverpool Echo, he said:

“Two ambulances pulled up and about a dozen men in orange suits piled out. It was like My Favourite Martian.

“A couple of the lads looked ill. They all looked fed up and they were treated as soon as they arrived.”

A spokesperson at the hospital commented:

“We had activated the major incident plan because of the potential serious nature of the incident. We had additional doctors, nurses and other staff available to treat patients if required.”

It is extremely important for every industrial site to have a spill response plan in place should an incident occur. Employees trained in spill response can react quickly and minimise the impact of the spill.

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