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Chemical spill at school prompts evacuation

Chemical spills and fuel spills can be planned for in an industrial environment, but when a chemical spill happens at a school it comes as somewhat of a surprise. But that’s what happened at a school in Watford last week.

Children at a school in Chorleywood were evacuated on the 16th of December when a toxic substance was spilled onto the classroom floor. Fire fighters were immediately called to the scene at St Clement Danes School when approximately two litres of formaldehyde was spilt.

The liquid, which is used for preservation purposes, was spilt on a science lab floor at around 9:30am. The school children were evacuated but no one was reported as being hurt or unwell after the incident.

Fire fighters spent over an hour at the scene and used spill absorbent granules and powders to eliminate the spilled substance.

Chemical neutralization powders and acid spill kits are readily available online and are a great way to be prepared in case you have a spill, no matter how small or insignificant. Spill kits usually come with everything you need to effectively deal with a spill including absorbents, PPE and a disposal method for used spill control products.

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