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Chemical spill at Nuneaton factory

A Nuneaton factory is coming to terms with a chemical spill that closed the industrial estate where the factory is located.

A valve at on a tank malfunctioned on Tuesday the 8th of March which led to a significant spillage of nitric acid from the tank at Technic UK, who are based in Nuneaton. The spill led to the Attleborough Industrial estate being evacuated while fire crews with specialist equipment were called.

One employee of the firm suffered burn injuries as a result of the spill which happened at around 9:30am. Liberty Way was cordoned off by fire crews on arrival at the scene.

The technical sales manager at the site, Gareth Davies, stated that the firm had contained the chemical but needed the Fire Brigade’s assistance.

He stated in the Coventry Telegraph:

"A valve on a mixing tank blew out. It was a complete accident and is something that has never happened before.

"We managed to contain the chemical within the unit but needed to call in the fire brigade.

"The man who was operating the tank was slightly burned on one arm and went to hospital for treatment. A specialist contractor was brought in to take away the spilled chemical."

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