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Chemical spill at Haydock freight depot

A chemical spill at a freight depot in Haydock resulted in several employees on the site being taken to hospital.

Emergency teams were called to the Rhys Davies Freight depot on Monday evening after the spill was noticed. More than 30 fire-fighters attended the scene and called upon the services of a specialist hazardous materials handling team to assist with the chemical clean-up.

The employees who suffered from breathing difficulties were taken to a nearby hospital to be checked over by medical staff. The specialist team used various chemical spill control equipment and absorbents to clean up the spill which was quickly and efficiently dealt with.

No information has yet been released regarding the constituents of the chemical substance that leaked.

Have the right spill control equipment on site

It’s important to have the right types of spill control equipment on site to cope with spills such as the one at the Haydock freight depot. If you have the right equipment, your spill response times can fall and you can deal with the spill in the most appropriate fashion. It’s important to remember that employee safety is always paramount, so if you don’t know the constituents of a spilled chemical drum, it’s best to call in the experts so your staff aren’t compromised.

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