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Chemical spill at factory in Kidderminster

Earlier this week, an incident involving a chemical spill at a factory in Kidderminster required spill control intervention by emergency services.

Press officer for the Sealine factory, Sue Hardwick, said:

“It was a slight imbalance of chemicals mixed together which created smoke which set off the fire alarm and alerted the emergency services.”

Three employees had been splashed with the liquid chemicals and were complaining of breathing difficulties. They had to be decontaminated before being taken to hospital, although they were later released from Worcestershire Royal Hospital and returned to work the same day.

Firefighters protected by gas-tight suits and breathing apparatus then had to decontaminate the site and prepare the drum containing the chemicals for removal.

Sue Hardwick added that

“Sealine’s safety is of paramount importance. The emergency services and staff responded immediately. In reality it was a very minor incident but they did what was set in place and it is good to know the procedure works.”

Two fire engines were called to the scene, along with an environmental protection unit, a hazardous materials officer, several ambulances, a rapid response crew and police cars.

The station commander of Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service said:

“We take every precaution during an incident of this nature but thankfully the three employees who were splashed by the chemicals are not thought to have been too seriously affected and we were able to make the drum safe ready for its removal from the premises.”

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