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Chemical spill at Bristol hotel leads to evacuation of guests

A chemical spill at a hotel in Bristol resulted in the evacuation of all the guests and the staff from the site. The spill happened at the Holiday Inn in Filton, when chemicals that were going to be used to chlorinate a swimming pool inadvertently mixed together.

The incident happened at around 8:30am in one of the hotel’s plant rooms last Saturday morning. The hotel alarm was sounded and the area cordoned off. Avon Fire and Rescue Service attended the scene and firefighters wore protective clothing to assess the chemical risk. One member of the hotel staff was taken to the local hospital as a precaution, he had been working in the plant room at the time of the spill. The guests were moved to a different part of the hotel until the firefighters had cleaned up the spillage.

The hotel manager stated:

"We had a chemical leak in a plant room. The alarm was raised immediately and our guests and staff were safely evacuated. We confined the affected area and guests were able to return to the hotel shortly afterwards through the back entrance."

The spill was fully eliminated and the fire brigade left the scene at 1:00pm

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