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Chemical spill at aerospace factory

A chemical spill at an aerospace factory in North Wales led to staff being evacuated and the local fire brigade being called.

The spill happened at the Gardner Aerospace facility in Flintshire at around 9.30am last Friday morning. No one was injured in the incident when two acids inadvertently mixed.

Firefighters from three local depots attended the scene and wore protective chemical suits to investigate the spill. Crews from Mold, Wrexham and Deeside quickly decided that the spill could be cleaned up by the factory workforce, who used chemical spill kits to eradicate the spill.

A spokesperson from the North Wales fire and rescue service stated:

“500 litres of sulphuric acid and chromic acid came out of containers into a bunded, metal, treatment area. They were not supposed to be together. There was a standard mobilisation of the fire and rescue service.”

The Environment Agency was also called to the scene, after fears that the chemicals could have made their way into the water supply system. After checks it was found that there was no issue and the site was declared safe.

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