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Chemical neutralization products

You may have spill kits on site to cope with spills of various types of fluids, but do you have chemical neutralizing agents so you can treat the area where the spill occurred?

Chemical spill kits are really effective at removing the liquid from a chemical spill. However you may have to treat the area where the spill occurred to prevent damage to the environment or just to stop anybody coming into contact with the remains of the spill.

Neutralizing agents can be bought in three main types including:

• Acid neutralizing agent

• Alkali Neutralizing agent

• Bleach neutralizing agent

The above neutralizing agents can work in tandem with your already purchased spill products and can improve your spill response programme immensely.

Because neutralizing agents come in powder form they can be sprinkled on the spill area easily and they change colour (turn pink) when the spill is fully neutralized.

Most chemical neutralizers are safe to handle and environmentally benign, so will not cause further pollution to the environment. Make sure you read the instructions fully before use and if you have any questions regarding the neutralizing agent, you should contact the manufacturer or the supplier.

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