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Chemical neutralisation products

Factories that use chemicals as part of their day-to-day activities need to have a spill response plan in place should these chemicals leak or contaminate a public area.

Most companies now have various spill products on suite including absorbents and spill kits but if you have a range of neutralisation products available to hand as part of your spill response as well, you should be able to clean the chemical spill quite successfully, neutralising any harmful liquid before someone comes into contact with it.

Chemical neutralisers come in either acid, alkali or bleach types and are designed to be used on these particular types of spills. The neutralisers come in powder form and when activated change colour to indicate a spill has been eliminated.

Coming in easy to use and handle containers, the neutralising powders are safe to use and also reduce the hazardous waste associated with untreated spills. When the spilled chemical has been treated the residue is environmentally benign so can be easily disposed of.

It’s important to choose the right chemical neutraliser for the products you use. If in doubt it’s worth contacting your spill response company who will be happy to advise.

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