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Catch drips in a Plant Nappy

We all know the inherent problems of using a generator. They are often smelly, noisy and they can leak oil or fuel products.

Legislation has now tightened control on fuel and oil leaks, so it’s imperative if you use a generator to make sure any fuel leaks are contained. And this is especially important if you are using a generator outside.

The problem with using a drip tray to catch any leaks or spills is as soon as it rains, the drip try will fill and the contents of the tray, including the spilled fuel, will also leak over the tray sides. If however you use a spill containment solution that lets rain water pass through its surface naturally and still collects fuel spills, you will have a credible solution to the problem.

The Plant Nappy does just that. It allows rain water to pass through its padded walls, but collects fuel leaks so the environment is not affected. The Plant Nappy can be fitted with a different liner each time it is used, so can be used numerous times before replacement is necessary. It is therefore an excellent spill control device.

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