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Buy the appropriate spill pallets for fuel or chemical storage drums

If you work within a manufacturing plant where you regularly handle hazardous chemicals and fluids then making sure that they are stored safely is imperative. To ensure the safe storage and transportation around the factory of these tanks or drums, they should be placed on specific spill pallets. These pallets help in protecting the workers should any drums fall or spill. The main aim of spill pallets is to contain the fluids which leaks out of the drums.

Spill pallets are also known as basins or bins which basically act like a container for your drums which helps in controlling chemical spills appropriately. There are various types and styles of spill pallets available, so you need to buy the one which suits your requirements.

Size of spill pallets

As spill pallets are available in different sizes, you need to buy the one that is big enough to handle the drums you are using. The size of the spill pallets need to be bigger than the drums themselves to contain any potential spills.

Types of spill pallets

While buying, you will find that there are two main types of spill pallets such as regular and covered versions. For outdoors, covered spill pallets are ideal, as they help in protecting the environment from any possible contamination from chemical spills. The latest covered pallets also come with locks which help in preventing unauthorised access. Nowadays, you will also get pallets in the form of modular platforms which helps the users to store the drums easily and efficiently.

Prior to purchasing, always ensure that the spill pallets are fully compliant with the current legislation and storage regulations, which should be clearly defined by the seller at all times.

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